Hello Sunshine // Hello Weekend...



Happy Weekend, well almost... The thing about four day work weeks is that Friday arrives way before you are even ready for it.... sometimes that can be a great thing, sometimes it can be stressful. Nevertheless, Friday has arrived and I have to say, the most stressful thing this week has been missing the most amazing weather NYC has had all year, while stuck in the office, that and the fact that my "to-do list" keeps growing as opposed to getting smaller... but lets focus on the positive. Back to the amazing weather... I even opted not to bring my lunch this week, so that I could enjoy a few moments of sunshine!  However I am so happy that the weather patters here are on track to continue this weekend and  for one can't wait to enjoy!

On another note, weekends are the perfect time to enjoy brunch at home, using leftovers from the night before, as I did here.  Sautéed spinach and garlic mushrooms from a previous meal are the perfect compliment to sunny side up eggs and crispy bacon.  For me, weekdays are all about quick, easy, healthy, breakfast (i.e. green juice or an acai bowl) but weekends are the perfect time to slowdown a bit and really enjoy the moment (i.e. brunch time).  Add tea, fresh flowers, and these adorable napkins and who needs a fancy restaurant, just take your leftovers and make them sparkle!




Happy Friday!