Happy Friday // Sage + Sparkle Updates


Happy Friday! What a week, huh?  I started it off in NYC with a typical busy Monday, followed by a blogger meet up after work with these lovely ladies Olivia, Jen, Lana, and Christine.  Then #traveltuesday was in full effect for me.  First stop was Phoenix, followed by Tucson, then finishing off the week in Las Vegas.  Now I'm headed to the airport and back to reality, but who am I kidding my reality is NYC (so no complainants here).

My plans for this weekend include:

  • cuddling with my loves (my BF and Frankie) 
  • catching up on all the NYFW shows so I can share my favorites with you 
  • a few photoshoots 
  • cooking with pumpkin
  • lots of photo editing
  • dinner party with friends
  • updating all links/pics on the blog
  • editing a DIY video clip that has been sitting on my computer for weeks
  • catching up on a few work projects
  • finally reading all my "September Issues"
  • packing for my trips next week... LA first half, Savannah/Atlanta the second half
  • and last but not least... Call my mom!  Its been a few days... lol

What are your plans for the weekend?  Please do share in the comment section below (it's now working again).

Also, I wanted to share some updates that have occurred with Sage + Sparkle this week... (video coming soon highlighting all the updates)

  • Sage + Sparkle has moved to self hosting (kinda been a nightmare, but we are working through the kinks, which will be worth it in the long run)
  • New Logo/Header... what do you think?
  • New Social Media Buttons
  • New Detailed Categories... Scroll over Style, Taste, Explore, Create, Detox to see what I mean
  • New Post format... short and sweet.  Click on the "Read More" for the full post
  • New "about me" image highlighting my new look 
  • New commenting format
  • New "Related Post" feature following each post 

Now the sad update...

While transferring over to hosting myself, I lost all my subscribers... all 250 of them, which I think is pretty good considering my first post was only 3 months ago.  So, now I need you to do me a favor... please follow again, if you were following before.  And if you never had the chance to follow in the past... NOW is the time! Go to the bottom right hand corner and click the follow button, a little box will pop up and you just type in your email address and that's it, you will then always be in the know with all things Sage + Sparkle.  Please spread the word too!

**Please note: if you see a little blue question mark where a photo is supposed to be, know that it will be fixed soon.  With the transfer, not all of my links/photos went through, so I have to go in and manually update all.  Does anyone want to do it for me?  Any takers? lol 

On a more serious note, thank you so much for all the support this far! I can't tell you how much it means to me to have you join me on this journey.

Have a wonderful weekend!