Halloween DIY // Batman Pet Costume (No-Sew)


With Halloween less than three days away, I'm so excited to share with your this quick and easy DIY pet costume that you can make in minutes.

Is it just me, or has October flown by so quickly, it's been hard to keep up? Just yesterday morning, I thought it was October 20th, then was informed that it was actually the 27th.... the twenty-seventh!  Really?!?  That meant that I completely missed the doggie Halloween costume contest at the LIC Flea and this weekend is actually the last of the season.  Such a bad doggie mom.  Nevertheless, I decided I was still going to dress Frankie up and then show off our super cute, no-sew batman costume.  In total, it took me about 10 mins to make from printing, to cutting, to fitting. All you need is an old black t-shirt, some yarn, and a printer and you too can dress up your pup for a trick-or-treating, or just an early morning walk on Halloween.  There is not reason not to get into the spirit, when it's this easy.  Plus it cost close to nothing, so you won't feel bad tossing it, come November 1st.

dog-halloween-pet costume-DIY-batman

What You Need:

  • 1 black mens t-shirt (make sure your pets head can fit through the arm whole)
  • 1 print out of a Batman Mask (found one without the watermark seen in the one I used)
  • 1 print out of the Batman Symbol
  • Scissors
  • 12" of yarn


dog-halloween-pet costume-DIY-batman

  • Print out the mask and then cut out

dog-halloween-pet costume-DIY-batman

  • Cut small holes on the outsides of the eyes
  • Cut yarn in half and tie one side into each hole


  • Pull one arm hole over the head of your pet
  • Cut two small slits at the top of each front leg


  • Pull front legs through slots


  • Cut off the rest of the fabric from under the chest area, leaving about 1/2" behind each front leg
  • Cut into the desired shape along your pets back


  • Using the left over fabric, use the neckline for ties on the cap
  • Cut cap into desired shape
  • Cut out Batman Symbol and attach to the back of the cap with fabric glue


  • Place mask on your pets face and tie loosely under their chin
  • Tie cap around their neck loosely
  • Now your pup is ready to hit the streets of Gotham...




DSC_0029Stay tuned, this week, for a quick & easy costume idea for yourself as well as a Halloween themed treat.

I hope you have a wonderful Sunday... typically I would be spending the day relaxing, however, I'm headed to my 2nd blogger event of the week, Simply Stylist.  If you would like to stay up to date, follow along on Twitter and Instagram.

Have a wonderful Sunday!