Finding Sage | Rainy Day Motivation

rainy day quote

Gloomy days call for a little motivation.  Getting out of bed on a rainy day can seem like an  impossible task.  Which is exactly the feeling I felt this morning.  Whenever this happens to me, I grab my phone and head to pinterest.  Why, you ask?  I  know it may seem counterproductive to get on pinterest as motivation to get out of bed... you're probably thinking, doesn't that derail your original goal as you get side tracked by image after image?  And yes, typically that is what happens, but for me on a rainy morning I like to skim through my umbrella pinterest board and then look up a few motivational quotes (like the one above) and that is just the kick-start I need to jump out of bed and spring into action.

So if it's as gloomy for you as it is here in New York, be your own sunshine today.  Put a smile on your face and be your own umbrella, but don't forget your real umbrella too... I wouldn't want you to show up at work looking like a soaking wet mess ;)

On another note... if it's not literally raining in your town today, hopefully this still motivates you.  When times are tough and overwhelm is taking over, take a deep breath and put a smile on your face, I promise it does wonders for any situation.

Rain or no rain... be your own umbrella.

ps. Tomorrows Friday- even more reason to smile!

image available via: etsy. com