Finding Sage // Do Something Remarkable

do something remarkable

{John Green Quote

Lately I feel as if my life is approaching a crossroads and I know there will come a day when a decision will need to be made.  I came across this quote recently and it spoke to me loud and clear.  It's time to stop just living and do something remarkable.

In life there are many aspects that can become routine... maybe its your professional work life, the way your interact with your friends, your love life, etc. We often think of routine as a good thing; it keeps us propelling forward, while establishing a purpose and an end result.  Routine keeps you consistent, which is a good thing.  However, lets dig a little deeper... have you ever considered that sometimes routine may be the very thing holding you back. When you get so caught up in the routine of something, you stop thinking about the actions you are performing and many times you even stop thinking about the end result. Routine trains you, that a sequence of actions will produce a specific result.  But maybe it's time for a different result.  Maybe that result your producing, is just living, but imagine if that result could be something remarkable.

Someone once told me that the key to success is being consistent, yet always evolving. I believe this to be true.  Consistency is key, while evolving is a must! I encourage you to look at the routines in your life and evaluate which ones are good and which ones it's time to evolve.  Let's stop living and do something remarkable... are you with me?