Finding Sage // Courage to risk

you will never cross the ocean I come from a line of people who are afraid of taking risk, but yet somehow I have always been a risk taker.  Taking risk, is something hardwired inside of me - I'm not sure how it got there, but it's there.  However, when you think about it, the ability to take a risk really is a luxury, one which many people don't ever have the opportunity to experience.

When taking a risk, you must first have the luxury to do so otherwise you can have all the courage in the world but too much to lose. Not everyone can lose sight of where they currently are, to go after where they want to go, for many different reasons - debt, kids, loved ones, etc. But when you don't have those things holding you back and you have a support system ready to cross that ocean with you, you'd be stupid not to go for it... right?!? And when you go for it, courage will be the number one thing you'll need.

Don't look back, leave the shore behind and go after what's yours! My mom may not agree with my risk taking ways, but deep down inside she's knows that I am the way I am, because of her - because of the courage + confidence my mother has instilled within me, I have the luxury to take risk, to lose sight of the shore and reach the other side of the ocean.

The biggest risk is the risk not taken!