Finding Sage // Be A Dream Chaser

chase your dreams

What a powerful statement, right!?  I'm sure you have heard this before, or a variation of it, but it's so true.  So true in fact, that I felt compelled to share it with you today, or maybe it was that I was compelled to say it to myself... either way, I hope at least one of you benefits from this little bit of motivation today.

My name is Fallon, and I am a dreamer.  But the secret to my success now and in the future is that I am also a dream chaser. It's important to remember that your dreams will not come true on their own, that only happens in the movies.  In real life, you have you work hard, plan, and yes- sometimes step out into the unknown, with nothing more than faith.  But know that even then, God expects you to put in the work as well. Anything worth having in life, will not come easy and it will not happen over night.  Keep doing what you're doing (or in some cases, change what you're doing)  and working towards your end goal, while also being okay with the fact that your end goal might change along the way. That's the beauty of life, things change and evolve and force us to evolve with it.  Life would be pretty boring if it/we always stayed the same.  

The journey is so much more important, than the destination.  Remember that.  Don't stop dreaming, but more importantly, don't EVER stop chasing your dreams!

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