Finding Sage // AW Tozer Quote

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Typically, I get up at 6am, to get in a little blogging before my day starts.  Today did not go as planned... blame it on the snow.   My lack of promptness this morning has left be with little time for blogging, so we're going to make this quick.   I've had this quote saved for a few weeks now and today seemed like an appropriate time to share.

"Refuse to be average" is something we don't often hear, but we should! Speaking from my own experience, there are times where I have so many things going on in my life that I have to admit some aspects become average. Even just saying those words, makes me cringe.  Who sets out in this world to be average?  Not I. Not one bit.  I don't want anything I do to ever be considered ordinary.  I strive for extraordinary.    Reading this quote reminded me why.

"Refuse to be average.  Let your heart soar as it will" -AW Tozer.  

That is when true happiness + success happens.  And remember what happiness, success, and an extraordinary life looks like for one person, will be different for the next.  So don't compare yourself. Sometimes extraordinary can be simple.  It's up to you.

Set your own terms, live a life less ordinary, and don't be afraid to sparkle!


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