Fall Layering :: Ready, Set, Go! // Outfit Post

DSC_0089Living along the east river this year has brought many changes to my life... for one, it's freezing in the morning!  And as the temps start to drop more and more each morning I know my favorite season is finally getting started.  Fall always brings crisp mornings and cooler nights, where being prepared is key! Layers, layers, layers! I can't stress this enough. When the temps can rise up to 75-80 degrees during the day but drop as low as 45-50 in the morning... layering is crucial.

I'm a huge advocate of the scarf.  It is probably one of my favorite accessories (that and a statement necklace... but when you think about it, a scarf is kinda like a statement necklace too).  However, many people think they can just throw on any old scarf, out of necessity, and to them I say... Please, no, treat your scarf as part of your outfit! It really does play a key role in the complete look.  And the fun thing about scarves is that it allows you to add color, texture, or pattern to your look, it a fun and easy way.


So today I am showing you a basic fall layering technique;  Start with your favorite top, short sleeve is best, so as the temps rise throughout the day, you can still stay cool... then add a structured blazer, and finish the look off with a coordinating scarf. Notice how I added a second pattern to the look with the gold strips, working well with the floral print and leather.  Oh, and don't forget to add the sunnies!





DSC_0204{Boyfriend Blazer, Michael Kors | Silk Floral Top, Zara | Leather Front Pants, Michael Kors | Haven Platform Pump, Michael Kors | Necklace, Ricky's | Watch/Bracelet, Michael Kors | Ring, House of Harlow | Sunnies, Michael Kors| Studded Clutch, Michael Kors}