Forever21 Challenge // Outfit Post


forever 21, strip top, suede shorts, blue suede What comes first, the outfit or the location?... Most times, when it comes to these post, the fashion comes first and then from there I create the concept as far as the location and over all look for the shoot.  This post is the exact opposite.  Still in Bakersfield, I came across this wall for Harper Pools & Spa and I knew I had to take pictures in front of it... but what's a girl to do when on the road and I didn't have an outfit that worked with it.  Create a challenge!  So my sister and I headed to the mall with one thing in mind, create a look around this wall for under $75.  Insert Forever 21 and the challenge was a piece of cake.

Before last weekend, I hadn't been into a F21 in forever.  I had come to a point in my fashion journey that I was over the cheap thrill that only lasted one or two washes.  Not saying that every piece had become an investment piece for me, just saying I had moved on to the Zara, Top Shop, and ASOS's, where I feel the quality is a little better and the prices are still affordable.  But there are those times with Forever 21 gets the job accomplished in ways you would have never been able to do anywhere else.  This is one of those times!

The first thing I spotted was these blue suede shoes... LOVE, at first sight and surprisingly very comfortable. Price: $10.49 (75% off clearance).  Next up was the suede shorts... which you will not believe when I tell you, but they were only $24.90 and they are 100% leather and super soft!  Crazy, right...?!?  This is one of those finds that are rare at F21, but when you come across them, you can't pass them up.  They remind me of a blazer I bought at F21 back in 2000, that still is in great condition today after thousands of washes - one of those rare cases where the quality far exceeds the price.  Next up was the top, not silk, but worked for this look, and came in at a whopping $13.80.  Topping it all off with this necklace, which I love, at $10.80.  Total outfit... $64.15!!!  

Adding my Michael Kors studded clutch, usual arm party, and sunnies, I was good to go!  And since it was only three small pieces they all fit nicely into my carry-on (I don't check luggage, even for week long trips like this... more on how I do it coming soon).  Plus, it was so fun to run into a giant store like Forever21 (in Bakersfield), with a goal, and then actual accomplish it.

forever 21, striped top, suede shorts

forever 21, striped top, suede shorts, blue suede shoes

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