Dr. Seuss Green Eggs and Ham

dr seuss green eggs and ham breakfast 3.jpg

Yesterday was a snow day for NYC and a few surrounding counties, including where we live, although there wasn’t nearly as much snow as we expected, it’s better to be prepared. Monday was supposed to kick off Dr. Seuss week at Jayden’s school, but since that wasn’t happening, I decided to kick off the celebration at home with Green Eggs and Ham (for the kiddos) and bacon for me.

How we made our Green Eggs and Ham:

No food coloring here… instead we used Hearty Foods Kale Flour and added one tsp to two scrambled eggs. For the kids I sprinkled in a little cheddar cheese and for me, I added a little ricotta. Thats it! Super easy and very healthy–even better, the kids loved them.

dr seuss green eggs and ham breakfast .jpg
dr seuss green eggs and ham breakfast
dr seuss green eggs and ham breakfast 3.jpg
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Now lets talk about it… Is Dr. Seuss a Racist?

In recent years there has been controversy surrounding Dr. Seuss, saying that he is racist–I just heard about it for the first time yesterday after quite a few of my Instagram followers sent me messages pointing me back to a NPR article. To be honest, I thought about not sharing these photos after a handful of people messaged me saying I shouldn’t support him. However, after reading up on the controversy, here are my thoughts… Dr. Seuss is a part of my childhood and I think its safe to say this is true for most of you that grew up in the United States. Many of us learned to read through Dr. Seuss books, learned about imagination and learned many great lessons too.

I personally don’t think that just because the characters in Dr. Seuss are predominately white or because he used “racial stereotypes” in his illustrations, that he was racist. Yes, representation matters and yes it’s important for our kids to see images that look like them in books that they read, shown in a positive light, but that is our job as parents to make sure we are providing those books for our children. It is not an authors job to be sure every race in represented in their books and certainly not when it comes to books like Dr. Seuss that are far from reality to begin with.

Maybe I’m being naive here, but I plan to still continue to share Dr. Seuss with my children and if I every come across something questionable in anything that I read my children, I will use it as a teaching moment but I wont let it discredit the rest of the story. We also have to remember that all of Dr. Seuss books were written in a time period way before the whole “woke movement”. I think we should take them for what they are, awesome books with creative stories that teach our children to read.

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What are your thoughts on the controversy?

Are you still celebrating Dr. Seuss week or have you written him off completely?