Crystal Light Tiny Wins | Top 3 Ways to Live Healthy this Summer

Top 3 Ways to Live Healthy this Summer, Sage + Sparkle #tinywin
Summer is a great time to focus on living a healthy lifestyle. It’s a necessity, since we’ll all be spending more time in swimsuits- but there’s no need to be overwhelmed. Staying healthy is pretty easy when you break it down and think of each activity or action as a tiny win. I’ve partnered with Crystal Light to share with you how tiny wins help me lead a healthy lifestyle, with a focus on balance. After all, we’re not talking about running a marathon here (although if that’s your thing, more power to you), we’re talking about little steps or changes, that you can incorporate into your everyday life to create tiny wins. Each tiny win can really add up to make a big impact.
My Top 3 Ways I incorporate tiny wins into my everyday:

  1. Get Outside + Get Moving
  2. Make Smart Choices
  3. Treat Yourself


lulu lemon striped yoga pants, yoga matt, Sage + Sparkle #tinywin

lulu lemon striped leggings, yoga matt, Sage + Sparkle #tinywin

1. Taking my yoga practice outdoors #tinywin

Michael Kors Dress, Christopher Kon Handbag, Sage + Sparkle

2. Getting off the subway one stop early and walking to work #tinywin

3. Stretching first thing in the morning and right before bed #tinywin 

Crystal Light, Sage + Sparkle #tinywin

Michael Kors Sunglasses, Sage + Sparkle  4. Eating lunch in the park, for some extra vitamin D #tinywin


green juice, sage + sparkle #tinywin

1. Drinking a green juice a day + never skipping breakfast #tinywin

frozen grapes, Sage + Sparkle #tinywin

2. Enjoying frozen grapes for a snack #tinywin

Crystal Light, Chia Seeds, Sage + Sparkle #tinywin

Crystal Light, Chia Seeds, Sage + Sparkle #tinywin

3. Adding chia seeds to Crystal Light (my favorite is the Pineapple Coconut).  I save on calories + get a boost of omega 3 #tinywin

BB Cream, SPF, Sage + Sparkle #tinywin

4. Using BB Cream with SPF to protect my skin #tinywin


guilt free strawberry ice cream, Sage + Sparkle #tinywin

 1. Guilt-free homemade ice cream #tinywin

Michael Kors Sunglasses, Sage + Sparkle

2. New sunglasses to protect my eyes (shopping with a purpose) #tinywin

Peonies, Sage + Sparkle #tinywin

3. Flowers on the way home from work to brighten my home and my mood #tinywin

So now that I have shared with you a few of my tiny wins, it’s your turn to share yours.  Post a pic or tweet that shows your tiny steps towards a healthier summer and include #tinywin


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