Casual Sequins & Strappy Buckle Sandals // Outfit Post




Denim Short, Madewell; Cotton tank with Silk Panels and Sequin Vest, Michael Kors; Strappy Buckle Sandals, KORS; Neon Clutch, Michael Kors; Rose Gold Watch and Bracelet, Michael Kors; Earrings F21; Gray and Gold Sunnies (seen here and here)

Cut off denim shorts are a requirement for surviving a heat wave, so with Sunday being the tail end of it here in the North East, the beginnings of this outfit were a no brainer.. next step, add the sparkle.  In my humble opinion, every outfit should have some element of sparkle... be it a statement necklace, a metallic skirt, or a sequin top, just to name a few examples. This outfit is very simple when you pick it apart, but all together it works.  A sequin vest, cotton tank with silk panels, cut off denim shorts, strappy buckle sandals, rose gold accessories, a neon clutch, and a few strategically placed braids in my hair.

Stylish, casual, chic... perfect for Sunday brunch, followed by a stroll in the park.