5 Reasons We Love Living in LIC/Hunter's Point


We have been residents of LIC for almost six years now, so it's safe to say, we're big fans! LIC (Long Island City, Queens for those unfamiliar), is NYC's hidden gem, particularly the Hunters Point area (along the east river). The number one thing people ask me, in regards to where we live, is "why LIC?" or "how long did it take you to get here?" 

Since most people don't know much about LIC, they automatically think I live FAR out on Long Island, when in reality, we live right on the east river, directly across from midtown, just now stop from the manhattan on the subway or a five min ferry ride–take your pick. 

There are many reasons we choose to live in LIC, the first one being that it was the middle point between Brooklyn (where I lived) and Astoria (where my now husband lived) when we decided to move in together. 


Here are five general reasons we love our hood, that may resonant with you as well... 

  1. The Ferry. If you follow me on Instagram, particularly IG Stories, then you know that the ferry is the number reason why I love living in LIC. It's the easiest way to get around the city, especially with kiddos–not always the quickest but for such a joyful experience, which makes the additional time worth it. Oh and did I mention, a ride on the ferry will cost you the same price as a subway ticket, so it's a win-win.

  2. The Community. LIC is crawling with young families. Walk around our neighborhood for an hour and you're likely to see a mix of strollers, scooters (the kids in NYC start young), pregnant mamas-to-be, or someone walking a dog. If you live in LIC and don't have a family yet, chances are pretty high that you have a dog and that kids are in your future... there's something in the water here, I swear! lol With that said, LIC is a breeding ground for community, especially for new moms. With multiple dedicated Facebook groups for our neighborhood, there is a huge outpouring of support. The only down fall, is that as families grow, they tend to move out of LIC, to save on expenses, but I imagine that happens all over NYC.

  3. The View. Hands down, the views in LIC, along the east river, are the BEST! From Hunter's Point to the famous Pepsi Cola sign, the views of Manhattan can't be beat. We have had the privilege of living right on the river, the last six years and let me tell you... come 4th of July, with a front row seat to the Macy's Firework Spectacular, from the comforts of our home, makes the high rents worth it.

  4. Parking.With multiple parking lots and street parking available, we are pretty lucky in LIC when it comes to parking. We have done both a paid assigned parking spot and street parking and both are manageable.

  5. Accessibility to the and from the city. On the 7 train, LIC is right outside of the midtown tunnel, only one stop from Grand Central in Manhattan. Our location also makes it extremely convent to get to other parts of the five boroughs, Long Island, and north of the city too. Not to mention, if you fly through LGA, we're practically neighbors.


Jumpsuit, Rent the Runway // Shoes, Michael Kors (old) // Hat, Target "Who What Wear" // Custom Bag, c/o Apolis

Location: Toby's Estate Coffee Shop 


Leave me a comment and let me know where you live. What do you love most about your Neighborhood/city?