A Sneak Peek // Our Dinning Room


Table, Chairs, Cabinet - Ikea, Sputnik Chandelier, Zebra Hair Calf Rug (similar here)

April was a big month for me... not only had I recently left Brooklyn, my first NYC love, but my boyfriend and I moved in to our first apartment together, which we have appropriately named "Love Nest in the Sky"... mainly do to the fact that we have a corner apartment, with floor to ceiling windows in a high rise overlooking the east river. Yes, its a total dream... believe me, I still pinch myself every now and then, it's surreal!

So far it has been an amazing experience and decorating is the best part! My style is typically art decor with a mix of vintage meets modern, but that can get a little to girly, living with a boy. So we decided to go even more modern, less vintage, but with a mid-century twist. Less mirrored, more lucite, if you get where I'm going with this...

Fast forward two months, its now June, and our little love nest, while still a work in progress, is finally coming together. Along the way I will continue to share pics of the process. But for today I wanted to start with a sneak peak our dinning area, which I'm pretty happy with. Still need to plant herbs in the pots in the window but the finishing touches will happen in due time.

Next week I will share a peek into the living room... Stay tuned!