A Picnic Basket // DIY




Over the weekend, as you know, the boy and I packed up and headed outside to enjoy the amazing weather.  I have been looking for the perfect picnic basket for weeks now, and everything I seemed to come across that fit my style, was out of my price range at the moment.  It had to be functional, yet stylish... no added plastic cups, plates, etc.  I have all of that, plus that whole look is way to matchy-matchy for me.  Leather needed to be incorporated somewhere, and it wouldn't hurt if there was a hint of sparkle.   "A Sunny Afternoon" - Picnic Basket is my fav!, and one day I hope to own one, but at $125, today was not the day, so I opted for a quick DIY, and by quick, I mean it had to happen in under 15 min, since I decided on said DIY the day of the picnic.

So we hopped in the car and headed to Michael's Crafts... with a total of 1 hour I was able to get the material, get back home, put this together, and be on our way.  Yes, there is more I would have added... but again, given the amount of time we had I am very happy with the end result.  I plan to add a lining in the future, but for now, it worked out just fine... and all for $25!


  • Basket... preferably with a lid ($12 - on sale )
  • Sturdy ribbon for the handle ($2)
  • Leather strap for closure ($8)
  • Leather trim ($3 on sale)


Step 1:  Gather your supplies


Step 2: Pull the leather strap through a section of the wicker in the center about and inch from the top, wrong side facing towards youDSC_0133

Step 3:  Make sure the holes are on the top DSC_0131

Step 4:  Test out the closure by pulling the top through the lid, like so, and fasten DSC_0140

Step 5: Next up, get out your ribbon and a pair of scissors 


Step 6: Cut ribbon to desired length, about 24 inches works great


Step 7:  Loop one end of the ribbon through the handle and secure in a tight knotDSC_0171

Step 8:  Break out your leather trim... gold in my case  DSC_0187

Step 9:  Wrap trim around handle for a touch of sparkle DSC_0201


Step 10: Enjoy your finished product!  Go on, get out there and plan a have a picnic... DSC_0226


Now of course, as I mentioned, if I had the time I would of added a lining and made the leather closure myself (actually bringing down the cost), but this worked out so well and was so quick and easy to make, I couldn't help but share.  The end result was pretty fabulous, very Anthropologie, if  I do say so myself, of course without the Anthro price tag.  As far as the design, the possibilities are endless and the end use is all that matters.  This basket carried all of our picnic essentials and I even received a few compliments on it.  Check back tomorrow for a recap of the actual picnic, I'm so excited to share it with you.