A Peek Inside :: Apartment Tour // Rachel Carmichael

DSC_0109 This week I have something extra special for you, an apartment tour of Rachel's darling apartment, who just so happens to be my little sister (pictured above).  Rachel, 25, recently moved out on her own, for the first time this year, something that we thought would never happen (I kid...lol).  But all joking aside, this is such a proud big sis moment for me.  Two weekends ago, I was home spending some time with my Family, and I had the pleasure of seeing my sister's first apartment and my little brother's as well.  Where did the time go? How is it that we are all adults now and living our own lives.  I can only imagine how my mom must feel.

Now let's talk about her apartment... isn't it adorable?!?  When I first arrived, I did a little styling here and there ( I couldn't help myself... and she didn't mind).  But I knew instantly I wanted to photograph the place. I have originally intended on photographing her closet, which just so happens to be the entire second bedroom (talk about every girls dream), but once I saw the front room, I knew that had to be my focus.

style, home decor, ikea, pink


If you can't tell, pink is Rachel's favorite color.  I love how she paired it with grey and white though, for a more sophisticated look. I added to pops of green with the apples (hope she keeps it there).  Oh, yes... and say "Hi" to Zoe, Rachel's cat.  pink, style, michael kors, statement necklaces

pink, style, apples

style, home decor

pink, style, home decor, flowers, pink

style, home decor, flowers


kitchen, style, home decor, owls

home decor, bedroom, style

home, style, patio, balcony

style, home decor, coffee table


I hope you love all the detail shots and a peek inside of Rachel's apartment! Would you like to peek inside more apartments?  I have tons of fabulous friends, etc. and was thinking of starting this as a series, maybe once a month... what do you think?  Please share your thoughts in the comments below?  And also, don't be shy, tell my sister how much you LOVE her place... she will get a kick out of it.

Thanks for stopping by!