7 Fashionable Days in a Carry-On // Outfit Inspiration

seven days in a carry on I'm so excited to share with you my packing list packing list for my trip to Paris + London, back in November.  I am someone who ONLY packs carry on (my record is 14 days), so I would consider myself someone who is pretty good at it.  The secret is having a good size "personal item" and packing your handbag and shoes in there, leaving the suitcase itself for the clothes. And while we're speaking of that, the roll technique is the only way to go.

Now when I got back from Europe and people started seeing what I was wearing... many wondering "how did I get all of that in one carry on?"  And I'm here to tell you it is possible.  It all starts with a good bag, I'm a huge supporting of the hard top suitcase, I currently use this one from the Hartman PC4 Collection and LOVE it! Then you must have a good personal item... I'm still working on finding the perfect leather one... but this tote curtsey of Paige Denim works for now.  Then plan, plan, plan.... Everything I brought with me I wore.  I mean EVERYTHING!  Here is what I wore for my week in Paris + London...

packing for paris.001


Keep reading to see the rest of the looks...

packing - paris london.002

packing - paris london.003 packing - paris london.004 packing - paris london.005 packing - paris london.006 packing - paris london.007 packing - paris london.008 packing - paris london.009 packing - paris london.010 packing - paris london.011


  1. Lace Tank (similar... affordable / higher price)
  2. Lace Button Up (similar)
  3. Stripped Long Sleeve (similar)
  4. Cashmere Sweater (similar)
  5. Fisherman Sweater (this or that)
  6. Paris Sweatshirt (think I need this one now too)
  7. Sweatshirt 
  8. Mens Cardigan (on sale now)
  9. Tweed/Leather Sleeve Blazer (faux leather sleeve version... on sale now)
  10. Leather Front Blazer  (on sale now)
  11. Plaid Pencil Skirt (similar)
  12. Stripped Shorts (on sale now)
  13. Boyfriend Jeans (similar)
  14. Plaid Pants (on sale now)
  15. Camo Pants (similar here or here and under $50)
  16. Feather Skirt (similar and under $100)
  17. Leather Leggings (real or faux)
  18. Pale Pink Coat (similar)
  19. Casual Coat (similar)
  20. Black Jumpsuit (similar)

packing 101 - carry on

**Please note while jewelry is not shown, you better believe every outfit had the perfect accessories.  My tip is to store your jewelry inside your shoes, that way it won't take up any extra space.

Have you packed carry-on before, for a long trip?  What are some tips you have to do so fashionably?