Easy Gluten Free Raspberry Lemon Muffins

raspberry lemon gluten free muffins-4.JPG

My boys and I love to bake together. Is it messy… yes, but is the mess worth it… you betcha!

Since adapting a #glutenfree lifestyle almost two years ago now, due to my hasimotos, all of the treats we back tend to be gluten free, as were these delicious muffins. I’m no gluten free baking expert so I tend to use a box mix and then jazz it up a bit to fit the overall taste I’m going for.

For these Raspberry Lemon Gluten Free muffins, I started with the King Arthur Gluten Free Muffin Mix (this mix is SOO good and the BEST gluten free mix, as far as I’m concerned). From there I followed the instructions on the box and then added the following:

  • 1 cup fresh raspberries

  • Zest from one lemon

  • Approx. 1 Tablespoon fresh lemon juice (squeezed from same lemon as above)

Bake as directed and THATS IT! I know, I know… this isn’t really a “recipe” but after sharing on Instagram, it was highly requested that I share how I made these boxed muffins, so here we are…

raspberry lemon gluten free muffins.JPG
raspberry lemon gluten free muffins-3.JPG
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raspberry lemon muffins easy gluten free recipe .PNG

I served the Raspberry Lemon Muffins drizzled with local honey from apiary, Oh Honey – if your local to Jersey City, Brooklyn. or the Hudson Valley, you have to check them out!

I hope you give these muffins a try… the lemon flavor from the zest mixed with raspberry is the perfect combo and I love the added moisture the lemon juice brings to this simple boxed muffin mix. If you do happen to try these, be sure to share and tag me!