1920's Jazz Age Lawn Party Family Style


This weekend we are headed back to the Jazz Age Lawn Party on Governors Island. Have you ever been before? If you live in the tri-state area (especially NYC) and you haven’t been, do yourself a favor and change that ASAP. This year, will be Joe and I’s sixth time attending, so I would consider us some what experts. This year will be our second time attend with the boys (third for Jayden, if you count the time we went when I was pregnant).

The Jazz Age Lawn Party happens two weekends, every summer on Governors Island, south of Manhattan. The event takes place Saturday and Sunday, and a ticket is required to enter. The event started in 2005, this this year will be the 14th Annual Jazz Age Lawn Party. One tip, if you want to save a little money, is you can still go to Governors Island without a purchased ticket and still experience the Jazz Age Lawn Party, but on the outside, in the shade–which, after we did the last time we went, which was actually a lot more enjoyable, especially with kids. Don’t get me wrong, purchasing a ticket and entering the actually event, has its perks, like 1920 style dance lessons, vintage photo booths, vintage vendors, etc. but there is VERY little shade in the actually roped off part of the event and a TON of shade right on the other side.

Thinking back to our very first time attending, we had no idea what to expect but we did now we at least need to attempt to dress the part. People really go all out for the Jazz Age Lawn party each year and I LOVE every second of it. I personally don’t spend a ton of time or money putting my looks together. Each year, I’ve actually just worked with pieces I already owned with the exception of the year I was pregnant and this year–which I just ordered a dress on amazon last night, that arrive tomorrow and I’m just praying it works out. My husband has worn a variation of the same look each year, but also with pieces he already owned. And for our first year with the boys, it was pretty easy… just slap on some suspenders and you’re set.


As for what to wear, let’s talk about the basics:

The style of the event is 1920’s Jazz Age, think Great Gatsby. Some people do more evening looks and some stick with day looks. You can really go either way.

WOMEN: Lose fitting dresses, drop waist, fringe, long pearl strands tied in a knot, either a 1920’s style hat or beaded and/or feathered head piece. I also find that more muted colors look best for the era. Adding a paper or lace parasol is also a really nice touch, or an according fan.

MEN: Suspenders, boy ties, glasses, newsboy style hats, oxford style shoes, vest, button up whit shirts, khaki pants with the bottoms cuffed. Harmonicas, tobacco pipes, newspapers, are all a nice touch.

KIDS: Smaller versions of the above.

You will see people that go all out, but with the above tips you can easily pull together a last minute outfit, fit the theme and attend a very unique and fun outdoor summer event.

Below is some inspiration from our years in the past attend:

While I highly recommend you buy tickets at least once to attend the actual event (we did in 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015) you can also still attend the event, dress up and have a great time, without purchasing a ticket like we did back in 2017. The event takes place in June and August. With this weekend, August 24th and 25th, being the last event for 2019. We will be attending Saturday, so be sure to follow along on Instagram stories.